Tiny Dancer Series

(Ages 2-6)

Running various series throughout the dance year, our “Tiny Dancer Series” classes are a great way to integrate your child into the art of dance. Classes meet weekly working on a introductory routine for a special performance which all family and friends are invited to watch. Our goal is to foster a love of movement in your child while encouraging them to further develop self confidence and a sense of accomplishment. These 5-10 week series are always themed and end with a performance.


Jazz relies on the dancers classical ballet training and dance technique. Jazz dance pushes the dancer to connect emotionally and physically to the music. Jazz dance has a huge range of styles: theater and Broadway jazz, classical, modern, lyrical, funk, African, contemporary and more.

Jazz Technique

Technique is one of the main ingredients in building a well rounded dancer.
Dancers will work on strength, flexibility and balance through a series of warm ups, floor and barre work.

Ballet and Jazz techniques will be covered and students can expect to learn classical positions and movements, control and connectivity of steps, turns, jumps and the dance vocabulary necessary to continue their studies in the dance arts.

These classes require a motivated learner, a performance level attitude from all students as these classes can be challenging.


Lyrical jazz dance is a personal expression to the music. It incorporates elements of technique and traditional jazz but is much more expressive and intuitive. Often you are creating a dramatic pattern or you’re creating something that is personal to you.


Ballet teaches core strength, alignment, placement, balance and poise. Students must wear their hair back off their face and dress appropriately for class. Ballet shoes required.


Tap develops coordination, rhythmic skills, stamina and musicality. Basic techniques and rhythms taught, focusing on control, speed and clarity of sounds. Tap shoes required.


Hip-hop dance is characterized as hard-hitting involving flexibility and isolations, moving a certain body part independently from others. The feet are grounded, the chest is down, and the body is kept loose so that a dancer can easily alternate between hitting the beat or riding through the beat. This is in contrast to ballet or ballroom dancing where the chest is upright and the body is stiff.

In addition, new style hip-hop is very rhythmic and emphasis is placed on musicality, how sensitive your movements are to the music, and being able to freestyle. As long as dancers maintain the foundational movements, they can add their own style and have a performance that is still hip-hop.


Class will focus on strengthening the feet and ankles for proper support. The legs and knees will be placed properly in ballet flats for the eventual addition of pointe shoes.


This class is for the advanced Ballet student.

To ensure each student’s safety, the first class will consist of an evaluation which will enable the instructor to determine if each individual has the necessary training to dance En Pointe without the risk of injury.

A student will need to exhibit the technical skill necessary to align her muscles and bones perfectly over the toes of her support leg.

Absolute Beginning Adult Series

You think it’s too late to learn how to dance? It’s not! These series are for the adult who has always wanted to take a dance class, but has yet to give it a try. CORE Dance welcomes newcomers with open arms and wants each student to feel safe and confident in learning this new skill.

Remember, zero prior dance experience is required!

Please contact us for information about our next series offering.

Beginning Adult Series

These series were created for the adult who has taken dance classes in the past. This is also a great refresher/conditioning course for the intermediate/advanced dancer who has taken a break from classes and wants to ease back into the swing of things.

Minimal prior dance experience is suggested.

Please contact us to find out when the next beginning series starts.


Amazing teachers and a welcoming, supportive environment. My daughter loves her classes at CORE!

Erin H.

I am SO thankful I am back to dancing again! I'm even happier I found Core! The people are friendly and classes are fun!

Stephanie G.

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CORE Dance offers something for every interested dancer, all ages, styles and commitment levels. In addition to the ballet based dance training CORE offers, we also offer performance opportunities for beginners through advanced levels, starting at age 2 through adults.  CORE Dance currently has the largest and most diverse performing groups on the entire Central Coast.

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