In 2010, Leslie Baumberger, Stacy Millard and Zheila Pouraghabagher brought together their decades of combined experience and expertise and founded CORE Dance Company; inspiring the community to dance.

CORE Dance offers dancers ages 2 through adult the opportunity to study and perform with world-renowned dancers and choreographers. CDC’s professional instructors emphasize technique while instilling artistry and a love of dance through appreciation of all genres and styles.

CORE Dance Company has been voted Best Dance Company in San Luis Obispo every year since its inception. The company has won top awards in national competitions and travels extensively throughout the United States and internationally.

CDC includes all levels of skill: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced.

For the Dancer interested in being a member of CORE Dance Company:

Have Any of Your Dancers Become Professional Dancers?

We are proud to share that multiple dancers who have trained with our Directors and Faculty have gone on to either study dance at prestigious Universities and/or perform professionally. CDC dancers have been hired by Disney, International Cruise Ships, Ballet Companies, Modern Dance Companies, and have performed on Broadway, TV, and Film. We have trained dancers to become instructors, choreographers, and studio owners themselves. We take pride in our life-long relationships with these dancers and bring them back for Master Classes as often as we can.

How Does Tuition Work for Classes/Rehearsals?

We have company tuition rates, which include required classes and rehearsals.

How Many Hours Per Week Will My Dancer Be in Class/Rehearsal?

Dancers in the company average 6 to 15 hours of study and rehearsal per week. CDC company members have a required schedule, including rehearsal times, depending on their level. Though at times company members might have extended rehearsal hours, they are only charged for what is required. Beyond their required classes, parents and students may choose to add additional classes to their schedule.

It Looks Like There Are Multiple Rehearsals On the Schedule. Does the Full Company Attend All of These Rehearsals Every Week?

No they don’t all attend all rehearsals. Usually it’s per level of group in the company. However, sometimes an intermediate dancer is cast in an advanced dance (if the parent approved the extra time needed for it). In these specific cases a dancer would attend two separate rehearsals. Rehearsal schedules are posted in time increments per dance. Ex: dance 1 is from 12-12:45, dance 2 from 12:45-2pm, etc. This way dancers do not have to hang around the whole time.

What Are Your Competition Teams Like and Your Philosophy Behind Competitions?

We view competition as only one aspect of our dancer’s training, not the end all be all that you may have seen on TV.  Life is a competition, and learning to put oneself out there and stepping out of one’s comfort zone is good for everyone. Competition teaches dancers to be fearless, striving for their best, learning how to network with other dancers, studios, instructors and choreographers. The amount of competitions a dancer will attend depends on the level of training and skill. Each dancer in the company, regardless of skill level, will have the opportunity to attend at least one competition within the season.

What Kind of Performance Opportunities Do You Provide?

CDC dancers present 2 sold out annual performances every year at the Performing Arts Center in San Luis Obispo. They are also popular guest artist in many other shows throughout the year providing multiple opportunities to perform on large, beautiful stages, for diverse audiences across the country. Other performance opportunities include local venues such as Farmers Market, Holiday Parades, School Assemblies, and community events. Every Summer, we offer an optional competition or performance opportunity which is usually in other state or country.

One of CORE’s top priorities is to develop well-rounded dancers. Part of achieving this is having a knowledgeable, approachable staff. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent technique with the right amount of fun to each class.

CORE offers dance training from the children’s beginner series program to the pre-professional young adult. In addition to our wide youth program, we also offer adult classes.

On our schedule you’ll find such styles of dance as jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, and pointe. Whether it’s one class a week or a full dance schedule, CORE has something for every dancer.

For the Dancer Interested in Taking Classes at CORE Dance, and Not Being a Member of CORE Dance Company:

Do You Specialize in a Particular Style?

We believe that all dance styles are important. It is our responsibility to expose our dance students to all genres and modes of dance in order to help them appreciate the full artistic spectrum of dance. We are a technique based dance school and stress the importance of high quality training in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and more. We produce well-rounded dancers.

How Often Do You Perform or Give the Kids the Opportunities to Perform That Aren't in the Dance Company?

We provide performance opportunities to ALL dancers at CORE. We have multiple performing groups for dancers ages 5-12. This is for the dancer that isn’t wanting to commit to the dance company hours, yet still wanting to partake in performing locally. We also offer a unique Children’s Series program for ages 2-10, offering 6 performance opportunities throughout the year (please see “Program” tab for more information on both Performing Groups & Children’s Series).

CORE Dance presents their annual Dance Recital, “Encore”, at the Performing Arts Center on the Cal Poly campus.  This is the end of the year performance and we go all out, with beautiful costumes, exciting dance numbers, and an all studio opening dance. It is a fun energetic weekend that dancers look forward to all year long.

There have been times when we’ve brought some of our classes to venues such as Farmers Market. There aren’t extra rehearsals needed for these opportunities – we will prepare your dancer for these types of performances during classes.

I Have a Boy Dancer. Will They Be Comfortable in the Classes at CORE?

Absolutely. We create an environment at CORE where students are challenged, inspired, and motivated regardless of gender. While we recognize the developmental differences between boys and girls and adapt our instruction accordingly, our decades of experience have taught us that dance is a unique sport in comparison to other activities such as soccer or basketball.

The ultimate goal of a dancer is to collaborate and mesh with their peers, regardless of their gender or skill level, through performances and artistic creativity. In this way, gender differences are embraced and utilized rather than separated and pigeonholed. Like any great teacher, CORE instructors focus on the individual student and all of the variances they bring to the studio, not the stereotype that the student falls within.

Additionally, when male dancers increase in skill level and start to look for opportunities as a professional dancer, the inclusive classroom setting at CORE emphasizes the importance of knowing how to train and partner with female dancers.

What If My Child Wants to Excel in Only One Style, Would Your Studio Have Enough Advance Classes?

While CORE believes and encourages dancers to explore and train in all dance genres, if a dancer is interested in intensively studying only one style of dance, we feel strongly that we can help and guide dancers in such a way that they will be able to reach their personal goals.


Amazing teachers and a welcoming, supportive environment. My daughter loves her classes at CORE!

Erin H.

I am SO thankful I am back to dancing again! I'm even happier I found Core! The people are friendly and classes are fun!

Stephanie G.


Amazing teachers and a welcoming, supportive environment. My daughter loves her classes at CORE!

Erin H.

I am SO thankful I am back to dancing again! I'm even happier I found Core! The people are friendly and classes are fun!

Stephanie G.

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CORE Dance offers something for every interested dancer, all ages, styles and commitment levels. In addition to the ballet based dance training CORE offers, we also offer performance opportunities for beginners through advanced levels, starting at age 2 through adults.  CORE Dance currently has the largest and most diverse performing groups on the entire Central Coast.

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